From making patriotic content on Independence day to going crazy over song releases, Reel trends of the week was truly engaging

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Reel trends of the week have made us feel more patriotic, energetic and cheerful. Here are some trends that took over our feeds.

This week was about celebrating Independence day and our feeds were filled with a bunch of patriotic content that we really enjoyed. Instagram's list of trending audios was filled with patriotic songs this whole week and people were creating content on songs like Maa Tujhe Salam, Desh Mere, Des Rangila, Se Watan etc. Digital Celebrity, Jannat Zubair released a new song, "Watan Yaad Rahega" and it didn't take long to enter the list of trending songs of the week.

Apart from patriotic content, we had people going crazy over some new releases like AP Dhillon's "With You" and the music video has found its way in our conversations for just being too adorable. Another song that is making us melt is Jasleen Royal and Arjit Singh's "Heeriye" featuring Dulquer Salman. If you are looking for a cute and romantic trend to do with your partner, this is it. Badshah recently released another banger called "Gone Girl" and the internet is going wild over it. If you want to move a little and are looking for a fun dance trend to try with your friends, go for this one. If you love those trends that allow you to embrace the real and raw side of you, you will definitely like this "Lalala" trend.

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Here are our favourite trends of the week!

Patriotic Content


Tere Bin

Gone Girl

The "Lalala" Trend


With You

What was your favourite trend of the week? Let us know in the comments below!

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