From "Makeba" to "Ametyachi", this reels roundup will help you make the best out of the music that trended this week

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From "Makeba" to "Ametyachi", this reels roundup will help you make the best out of the music that trended this week

Whether you want to post something aesthetic, sassy or funny, Instagram has you covered with trending reels of the week. Scroll down to know what trended this week.

Finding appropriate music or trends to fit an aesthetic post or sassy Reels on Instagram can seem difficult, not if you check this week's reel trends. They had some cool ideas for our feeds, mind and soul. For someone who likes to have fun while exploring and makes a reel out of it, there cannot be a more appropriate music than "Makeba" that is trending right now. We saw many creators creating fun reels on it and you can do the same. Looking to put some sassy content out there? Well, we cannot recommend something as good as "The Sexy Lady" trend. This is perfect for the videos where you are embracing and flexing your cool self.

Making reels with your friends never goes out of style and every week, Instagram presents us with cool ideas that we can try with our friends. Some of the trends that we liked were "Tumse Hi Tumse" as we saw creators making wholesome content on it.

Speaking of wholesome content, we also had creators making content on the "Kaise Ab Kahein" song. Wanting to post something aesthetic, Instagram also has a trend for that. The music "Hotline" was trending all over Reels. Not to forget trends that brought some much-needed light humor to our feeds. Like the funny content we saw on "GOAT" or "Ametyachi"

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Check them out:


Hotline (Edit)

Kaisen Ab Kahein

Tumse Hi Tumse


Hey Sexy Lady


Joro (Sped Up)

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