15 regional singers on Instagram you're missing out on

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These regional singers on Instagram are spreading good vibes in every corner of the country through their voice.

Music for most of us works as an amazing stress buster. Mostly, we listen to songs from movies or album covers on YouTube. It's true, listening to music helps us become calmer and gives us some peace of mind especially during a hectic day. But music is more than just a beat or a melody. For some of us, it's a story, it's about people coming together to form a rhythm. Whenever we listen to someone sing, it instantly helps us feel lighter especially if they're singing our favorite jam. Remember Janani who went on to become a viral sensation? She sang some of our most favorite songs and stole our hearts at that very moment. Let's admit it! We did start believing in soulmates ever since we heard her sing "Aankhon mein teri!". It became a favorite for many and it totally topped the charts when it came to editing reel videos with a song.

Today, Instagram is like a house of talent whether it's in the form of singing, dancing, cooking, motivating people through videos, or being the platform that gives one a safe space to emote. Ever since the pandemic hit us, people have started using Instagram and various other social media platforms to explore their skills and talent. We often follow only established singers on Instagram but we rarely look for regional singers who are creating nothing short of magic! We still remember listening to "Endhuko Emo" and it's stuck in our heads ever since. Want to follow some regional singers on Instagram? We've rounded up a list for you!

Get ready to explore the magic of music with this list of regional singers on Instagram

Chaitanya Shinde

Abha Borah

Fathima Neha

Kushagra Thakur

Anush Kiron

Satyam Mishra

Raghu Dixit

Kalyani Lokhande



Nafisa Haniya

Gowri LekshmiH


Kavya Ajit

Arvind Venugopal

They are absolutely magical, right? Which of these are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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