The DC universe has been loved by the audience worldwide and the love has been quite evident in India. Looking at our Indian content creators, don’t you think it would be interesting to see our creators step into the shoes of the DC characters.

The DC Universe is the fictional shared universe where most stories in American comic book titles published by DC Comics take place. Well the DC films have been widely appreciated by the audience and the actors in their respective characters were all fantastic, one cannot deny that the Indian version of the universe can be a lot of fun too. And looking at the Indian talent, it will be quite interesting to see the portrayal of these iconic characters.

Indian content creators have gained massive popularity on social media for their content. And looking at their content as definitely given us an insight into their personality and behaviour. Let’s reimagine some of our Indian content creators as the iconic DC characters.

Check out the list of Indian content creators who can play DC characters:

Vishnu Kaushal as Shazam

PC : Instagram @Vishnu Kaushal @ Shazam movie

Srishti Dixit as Wonder Woman

PC : Instagram @ Srishti Parch @ Wonderwomanfilm

Bhuvan Bam as Batman

PC : Instagram @ Bhuvan Bam @ BenAffleck

Ashish Chanchlani as Dick Grayson

PC : Instagram @ Ashish Chanclani @ Brentonthwaites

Gaurav Taneja as Superman

PC : Instagram @ Guru Mann @ Batman vs Superman

Komal Pandey as Catwoman

PC : Instagram @ Komal Pandey @ catwomanfanforever

Kusha Kapila as Black Canary

PC :Instagram @Kusha Kapila @ Pinterest

Abhinav Mathur as Joker

PC : Instagram @ Abhinav Mathur @ Todd Phillips1

Anmol Sachar as Kyle Rayner

PC : Instagram @AnmolSachar | @sector28418arg

Ranveer Allahbadia as Aquaman

PC : Instagram @ Beer biceps @ Pinterest

Karrron S Dhinggra as Hawkman

PC : Instagram @ Karron S Dhinggra @ Scottyoungstoryteller

Sahil Khan as Hal Jordan

PC : Instagram @ Sahil Khan @ ryanreynolds101

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