Roller Coaster, or life much? There are a number of thoughts on a roller coaster that we have all experienced. Check them out!

Before mentioning anything else can I say Life is a roller coaster, but the one we are experiencing now is not a fun one. When talking about the actual ride, one has to agree that it is one the major highlight in any fair or park. While there are many who enjoy the crazy ride, there are also many who wish to be less of a daredevil in life and watch it from afar.

Even while we all take a chance on the ride there are a number of thoughts that we have when we are on a roller coaster. From feeling all excited to questioning your decision in the middle of the ride to wanting to do it all over again once its done, the feelings and thoughts on the ride make it fun every single time. We made a list of such thoughts on a roller coaster that we might have all come across in our life.

Take a look at these thoughts on a roller coaster:

This is easy I can do it

Has the person strapped me well, what if I fall down in the middle of the ride

This was not a great idea

Why did I have the entire Pizza?!

Why are people taking videos? Good, at least they’ll know how I died.

Dude, I am totally enjoying this!

Wow I can literally see the entire city from up here

Wait, why did it stop mid-air?

Okay, Mr. Roller Coaster Operator, stop with the suspense and drop it already.

Oh, water! Great, now I’ll have an excuse for my pants being wet

This is the cry of joy, that was AWESOME

Wow, let’s go, AGAIN!

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