Friday Night Plan on Netflix received mixed reviews from the Janta!

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Friday night plan

Netflix's newest offering 'Friday Night Plan' is a high school drama done right, according to the Janta.

Directed by Vatsal Neelakantan, Friday Night Plan is about Sid and Adi, two brothers who have different personalities and interests. Sid is a studious and shy football player who has a crush on Natasha, the most popular girl in school. A rebellious and outgoing prankster, Adi wants to have fun and impress senior girls. When their mother goes on a business trip, they decide to go to a fancy party hosted by Natasha’s friend. When things go wrong, they have to deal with the police, their lost car, and face their rival school. Along the way, they learn more about themselves, each other, and what matters most in life. Friday Night Plan stars Babil Khan as Sid, Amrith Jayan as AdiMedha Rana as Natasha, and Aadhya Anand as Nitya.

This coming-of-age film has received mixed reactions from the Janta. Some have praised the film for its comedy, emotions, and performances, while others have criticized it for being cliché, predictable, and unrealistic. Overall, they are drooling over Babil Khan and we couldn't agree more! 

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Here's what the Janta had to share! 

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