Sex Education is back to give us one final adieu with its educational and woke style!

Sex Education 4 is the final and the last season. And it's one of those series that maintains its essence with its voice and originality while always having something to educate us about!

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Sex Education

Sex Education

While we'll cover an in-depth review later, here's a little excerpt on why you might want to plug into this eight-episode ride that is Sex Education one last time! 

The appeal for a show like Sex Education is born out of the fact that it explores sex in its most unapologetic and unabashed form. But if three seasons of this show have made us realise anything, it's how much we all need education on sex and the value of a proper and correct sex therapist in life. Keeping its voice and originality intact, season 4 takes a deeper dive into the "woke" culture of today where being politically correct is the norm and things aren't as easy as they once were.

It's easy to fight a regime that tries to shove you with its archaic ideas because at least you know what your fight is about. But when the world is a reality and gives you what you always wanted it to be - 'accepting of everything' then it's hard to navigate life here. From the first two episodes you get the idea that is what the series is precisely going to focus on! After three whole years of chaos, confusion, making or breaking up, a whole lot of growing up, and of course sex, it's finally time to figure out how to adult. Though sex and its problems still remain the crux of the story, each episode like usual says so much more than just the act inside the bedroom. 

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There is a character in the show who plays a writer and gives other young budding writers some advice on how to "remain true to their voice otherwise it is just an imitation of others" and that feels true for this season as well because why would you want to retell a story that's already told? Once you start watching season 4, after a really interesting recap by Gillian, you don't quite miss the characters who aren't a part of this season because there are many new additions in the show that gel well with the old ones.

The story so far hints at that- Maeve is on a path to figure herself out in America while managing a long-distance relationship with Otis. Otis, apart from balancing the long-distance, is facing some competition from another sex therapist. Eric is still the life of the show and is on a journey of self-identity and religion while Aimee and Adam, the lovely so-called idiots of the show are unlearning and learning life in the best way possible. All of this and a whole lot more is happening inside Cavendish, the new college!

If the last three seasons were an education on sex, this one is an ode to the series and a celebration of sex and everything else so far!

Sex Education season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix

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