Rider Vishakha makes it to India’s Book of Record for the 3rd time

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Rider Vishakha

India's first female motovlogger, Vishakha Fulsunge aka Rider Vishakha gets crowned with a third India Book off Record title for her expedition in the Lakshadweep Islands.

All you need to feel more badass is to watch badass people achieve great things in life. While being a place of entertainment, the internet is also a place to find inspiration to do something that drives you! There is nothing more overwhelming than watching women break stereotypes around male-dominated fields. And something that tops this list of ‘things that are considered manly’ is riding a bike. But Indian riders like Vishakha Fulsunge aka Rider Vishakha have been able to break this stereotype time and again.

Rider Vishakha has created her own niche in the motorcycling industry and left many jaws hanging on the floor with how amazing she is at what she does! Vishakha has not just been an inspiration to women but men as well. Her dedication and love for motorcycling only encourage people to never give up on their passion and to follow them despite all the struggles that life throws at them. She has proved time and again that she's quite capable of doing precisely this! Two of her India Book Of Records titles for being the first female rider to cross the Bay of Bengal and ride across the Andaman Islands speaks for herself.

Besides these titles but she was also crowned for being the fastest girl on the KTM Circuit Race at Vroom 2016. Her list of accolades keeps growing as she gained her 3rd title in the India Book Of Records again this year. She was celebrated with the title for her expedition in the Lakshadweep islands. The main cause of her expedition was to raise awareness and to show her support for “Save Animals Save Mother Earth.”

Congratulations Vishakha!

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