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Riya Jain

Win over any critical life situation with these outfits inspired by Indian fashion influencer, Riya Jain.

We've seen a bunch of influencers sharing their ideas on how we can improve or add to our existing style. The reason why these influencers become a fan favorite is for how unique their styling sense is. And we may not usually connect with everyone even though we appreciate their style because of how different they are from what we love. But Riya Jain is someone who can engage people with different preferences. 

Riya is among those influencers whose page makes us feel happy and excited. It's bright, colorful, and classy at the same time. She's a complete package giving you inspiration on how to style a traditional lehenga to rock that street look. She can shock you with her latest Y2K-inspired looks and also appeal to you with her classy date night contour. Considering how wide-ranged her looks can be, we imagined how these outfits can help you deal with people and daily life situations without having to actually deal with it.

Take a look:

When you know life is a runway and you're the showstopper

When your best friend is getting married but you also want to let your BF know you're ready too!

When you want people to know who not to mess with

When your friends say 'dress casual, it's a small gathering' but you know better

When your friend thinks you cannot top your best outfit from last year, but they have no idea

When they think you can't make your mask look cool, but you always live for a challenge

Happy Birthday, Riya!

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