RJ creators who never made us miss radio with their fun content

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RJ creators who never made us miss radio with their fun content

These RJ creators have been successful in making their presence felt on social media. Here are some of our favourite ones!

Radio has been an integral part of our lives before the boom of digital media. We still remember the feeling of getting to listen to our favourite songs on the radio. We couldn't be bothered about what the hosts looked like, all we cared about was the pleasant environment they created with their voice and engaging language. With their well curated playlists, deep knowledge of pop-culture and fun content, they try their best to make our daily commutes more enjoyable. Things have taken a digital approach today and it has just positively impacted the community as RJ creators are the newest trend in town.

Nowadays, in addition to their on-air presence, radio jockeys have also expanded their content to social media. Using platforms like Instagram and YouTube has become very important since the past few years. There's no denying that we've enjoyed seeing the more raw and real side of our favourite show hosts. From posting behind-the-scene glimpses of their shows, sharing funny memes and videos to creating exclusive content, radio jockeys have leveraged the power of social media and are able to extend their reach beyond their local listeners and have created a sense of community among their fans.

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And we love coming across some of them on our feeds!

RJ Abhinav

RJ Kisna

RJ Karishma

RJ Sukriti

RJ Vidhit

RJ Raunac

RJ Raghav

RJ Mahvash

RJ Palak

RJ Taran

Who is your favourite RJ creator? Tell us in the comments below!

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