International tennis player Roger Federer’s knee injury will not let him play tennis until 2021. The player shared the news with the fans online.

Tennis player Roger Federer will not be playing tennis until 2021 because of his knee surgery. The sportsmen had announced in February about his knee surgery and that he will not be a part of the French Open. He also stated that he will be, however, part of Wimbledon which he has won eight times in a row. Fans got to know about Roger Federer’s knee injury after the player shared the news on his social media.

He mentioned in the post that his right knee needed an extra operation and that it will require him to take a break from the sport for the year and return only in 2021. Federer is a renowned tennis player who has many titles in his name. With 20 Grand Slams in his name, Federer is a highly recognised tennis player around the world. He is the first tennis player to rank at No. 1 in the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes.

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Although he is taking a year’s break Federer may not miss out on much this year as the Wimbelton which he almost won for the ninth time was cancelled this year. Olympics, where he planned on playing and winning a Gold in singles and The Laver open which is Federer’s pet event has also been pushed to 2021. In the wake of the current situation, his counterparts Novak Djokovic and Rafel Nadal have already expressed their concern regarding playing during the worldwide pandemic.

We wish for Federer’s speedy recovery and we can’t wait for him to smash the game soon.