Roger Federer needs no introduction, with his 20 Grand Slam Single titles, 8 Wimbledon titles and rank 2 in men’s singles in the world! It’s this legend’s birthday today and we tried to explore another side of him, that we don’t usually get to witness on court.

Everybody is aware that Federer is a dedicated, hard working and confident tennis player. What a lot of people don’t know is that he is equally witty, sarcastic and charming! We traversed through the Swiss player’s Twitter handle and got a pleasant surprise to say the least!

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Be it his replies to his fans or his tweets, Roger has shown us that he loves a good joke and is always ready with a comeback! A meme made by a user went viral not only because it was hilarious but because the star replied to it himself!

Have a look:

And this is what happened when the player tagged the wrong Mbappe in a post!

Everybody has a favorite Simpson gif, after all.


This was just the beginning, take a look at some of the wittiest replies and tweets from this star:

1. FIFA sure had a tough competition!

2. Somehow I can imagine him giving the puppy eyes.

3. Always on the GO!

4. You’re only growing younger for us Federer!

5. So Roger is in the Marvel fan club too?

6. Ready for challenges, always!

7. Sure Roger, sure. No difference at all.

8. In this world, you can only trust yourself.

I hadn’t thought Roger Federer would have such a fun side to him, and I’m not disappointed! A tennis legend, handsome, and funny – this man is a total package! *sighs dreamily*