Sakshi Mehrotra is sharing the most relatable and engaging content and we’re loving it!

It’s not always that you come across accounts and creators who manage to put a smile on your face. We love that content creators make videos on things that are relatable. So much so that we end up shouting ‘bruh same’ at these videos, right? From making us laugh to leaving us nostalgic about our childhood, these creators are entertaining us with all kinds of content. Indian creator Sakshi Mehrotra is one such creator who is winning hearts with her content.

With a ‘not so perfect profile’, Sakshi is giving the audience everything that we need to keep us from stressing during these times. Her charm and her funny anecdotes about real-life incidents will cheer up anybody. She’s been able to engage her audience and give them a more relaxing space to be in while they enjoy 15-secs of their lives without worrying about anything. We’ve listed some of her videos that you cannot miss out on.

Take a look:

For more of her interesting content have a look at her Instagram page @sakshimehrotraa

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