Sakshi Mehrotra writes a letter about being a creator as the line between content and reality becomes blur

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Sakshi Mehrotra

The line between real and reel may seem to blur, especially when your career revolves around trying to be relatable. Where do one draw the line? Sakshi Mehrotra writes a letter as part of the creator community.

"Let's be honest. Most of us spend more time online than we want to. It is not unusual to lie on our beds and watch our phones for "only 5 minutes" after a long day at work. Hours pass, and we realize we spent them scrolling incessantly through endless cute baby videos on Instagram. Is Instagram the new reality? This last question might sound ridiculous to some, but it's still valid.

Unfortunately, the problem is the time we spend on social media and the kind of content we consume. Watching people sharing the best part of their lives daily creates an inevitable competition to "strive for better," share "the perfect picture," "the perfect story," or "the perfect weekend." It is entirely correct to record the happiest moments of your life but the problem is when our life turns around, what can we share with others on social media? This stress to generate content from the part of the viewer can cause FOMO. It has become unavoidable in this globalised world that all our time on Instagram goes toward building our network. But now, it is more than a conscious decision and a compulsion.

This worked for me to decrease my screen time without swearing to social media celibacy.

Out of sight, out of mind - Remove the apps from your main screen. With less access one would think twice before going through the trouble of opening it unless there is a pressing need.

Get a hobby - Whether it is cleaning, cooking, wine tasting, coin collecting, or just something that does not involve screens, an enjoyable hobby will most likely improve one's mood even if done only once a week for an hour.

Think of screen time as a reward - Limit your screen time by allocating certain times to hop on the apps as a treat after some work. Just make sure you are staying within reasonable limits.

Share your bed with anyone but your phone - Leave your phone on your smart charger in the kitchen! This is the best pro tip, telling you from experience and get an alarm clock instead for the morning.

Deleting your social media is easier said than done and almost impossible. Nevertheless, we can limit our use to improve our mental health. Little actions, like the ones mentioned above, can make significant changes in our lives. Let's use social media rather than letting social media use us."

With love,

A fellow content creator

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