Sakshi Sindwani’s recreation game is on point and here's proof!

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Sakshi Sindwani’s recreation

These fashion videos of Sakshi Sindwani recreation are the ultimate guide to channelling your inner fashionista.

There is so much one can do with fashion, and our fashion influencers are constantly on the lookout to find unique ways to keep their audience entertained. From styling the same article of clothing in 5 different ways to helping us find a cheap alternative to an expensive style, they have become our go-to people to find solutions to our fashion blunders. Sakshi Sindwani has been a major saviour for anything and everything relatable to fashion for years now. And if there's a series that she has nailed and made her own it's her recreation videos. They're so good, we can spend hours just watching and re-watching them and never get bored.

We have all wondered, more like convinced ourselves that the outfits celebrities wear are something only they can pull off. All we see is the brands, exquisite style and our bodies that we don't find fit to carry them. But Sakshi has worked hard to deal with her own body issues to show us that loving your body is the way it's possible. Her fashion has proved that it's not our bodies but our confidence that makes any style look amazing. Her series where she tries to recreate outfits worn by some of Bollywood's favourites shows us how good they can look on a body type that's not a typical model bod. This series is fun to watch, mostly because of how close she gets with each look and to see the process of her making it look even cooler.

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Check out some of our favourite Sakshi Sindwani recreation fashion videos!

Are you obsessed with these too? Because, same!

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