#KetchuPTalks: Sanjay Bachani talks about Delhi Crime's big win, producing quality content and more

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FilmKaravan | Sanjay Bachani

Sanjay Bachani spoke to us about the team's excitement on Delhi Crime's big win and creating more compelling shows for the digital viewers in India.

Delhi Crime, the Netflix series that recently garnered international acclaim as it bagged the Best Drama Series award at the 48th International Emmy Awards 2020 is produced by FilmKaravan Originals. The win is credited to the creative minds and talents that came together to make it happen and we had an opportunity to speak to one of them recently. Our chat with the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Golden Karavan, Sanjay Bachani was riveting, to say the least.

FilmKaravan Originals' mission is to create a new era movie studio which through collaborative partnerships with creative filmmakers, will share engaging stories with the widest audiences possible, even if that means pushing boundaries and taking risks. All of which gives Sanjay an insight into everything that goes into creating gripping and award-winning content, which he shared with us. Sanjay also spoke about the company's excitement and ideas on season 2 of the award-winning show and creating more compelling shows for the digital viewers in India.

Here are the excerpts from our conversatio n with Sanja Bachani:

1) What was your first reaction to Delhi Crime winning the Emmy?

"The reaction was overwhelming and somewhere deep in our hearts, we knew we had done the best we knew. So, when Delhi Crime was announced as the winner, we were very happy & excited as this is a big win for the entire nation. While creating this show, we believed that it would lend itself to an international audience, as the incident had not only shocked India but had also shaken the world. It was a fight that the parents took up as a call for justice."

2) Delhi Crime has received a lot of love from the audiences as well, long before the Emmy win too. Did you ever expect it to be received so well?

"We were very happy that the story had been praised a lot, and we as a company always wanted to show that part of the incident which nobody wanted to talk about, that how a woman had solved a heinous crime against another woman which was something on the lines of poetic justice. So, we're just so happy that we were able to highlight this for the audiences and bring forth the true nature of what life is and have art sort of replicate that."

3) How's the prep for Season 2 going on? Any hints on what to expect?

"I can't really comment anything about season 2 right now. It is still in the works. We are all excited about it!"


4) What kind of content does FilmKaravan Originals aim at creating?

"We like to keep the story authentic as much as possible, we create content stories that bridge the gap, we try to keep it as simple as possible with no language barrier & we aim at creating more of you know, emotional connect kinda content. Delhi Crime was like that."

5) What are the key factors that you look at when it comes to creating compelling content?

"The audience is the most important element of a show and for us. When creating the content, we think of that emotional connection to the story and try to show it authentically for our audiences."

6) How according to you, have the content consumption patterns changed for Indian viewers with the growth in digital platforms?

"Well, OTT has definitely given the right kind of opportunities and a platform to tell stories to a global audience. It helps us tell and showcase our culture. The best thing being there are no language barriers anymore. It has made movie-watching convenient, accessible, and affordable across a wider segment of users. Hence, content consumption is on a high and will only rise in the years to come. OTT allows you to think, dig deep & create more. In the words of, Buzz Aldrin," Mars is there, waiting to be reached."


7) Do you think OTT content platforms help producers and filmmakers experiment with their ideas and narratives?

"Yes, totally, I think OTT has led to far more experimentation offering storytellers phenomenal creative freedom. And we need to understand and accept that the diversity of content is what is keeping audiences engrossed and hooked."

8) What are your thoughts on censorship of the content on digital platforms?

"We don't know how and exactly what rules will come into force, this is something I can't comment on but we as a production house will always follow the rules of what authority & government comes up with. Also, I think this can probably go one of two ways either we get really good web series that are sort of more for the audiences that are tuned to watching censored material or it might get in the way of you creatively telling the story. So, it's a double-edged sword, and we don't know how it's going to pan out. But overall there is going to be a lot more for the audiences to choose from."

9) Can you tell us about the other projects FilmKaravan is working on or planning on releasing soon?

"Narcos. Definitely one of the most intriguing and entertaining series."


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