Sassy female characters onscreen that are a true form of boldness

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Sassy female characters onscreen that are a true form of boldness

From being undeniably funny to breakers of chains, these are some of the sassy female characters who have ruled the screen over the years.

If "complex female characters" are your thing too just as they are Maeve's then you won't be able to stop reading this. Sassy female characters are more than just about picking up a sword and saying, “I can do anything a man can do.” Their fictional journeys often take on a level of complexity that is not afforded to many characters onscreen. There is a courage in them that exists in both quiet decisions and loud proclamations. And there is seemingly a flow of endless motivation and energy, wits and fortitude to outlast even the deadliest foes and demons.

In fiction, female characters maximum number of time are there to cause attraction and admiration, but some of them stand out among others and become iconic and unique. Why? Maybe because they are inspiring, strong, funny, warriors, or even come with a touch of madness. If written articulately and performed well, these fictional women become alive in viewers' memories for a long time and bring about a change. They may not necessarily be models of what is morally right and ideal, but they demonstrate a great variety and what it is like to be a woman, on the screen.

Here are some of those sassiest female characters onscreen that you should definitely watch out for

Annalise Keating- How To Get Away With Murder

Elizabeth Harmon- Queen's Gambit


Daenerys Targaryen- Game Of Thrones

Maeve Wiley- Sex Education

Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel- The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Peggy Olson-Madmen

Polly Gray - Peaky Blinders

Joyce Byers - The Stranger Things

Jacqueline Carlyle- The Bold Type

Yennefer - The Witcher

Olivia Pope- Scandal

Leslie Knope- Parks & Recreation

Claire Underwood- House of Cards

Selina Meyer- Veep

Jessica Pearson- Suits

Samantha Jones-Sex and the City

Donna Paulson- Suits

Jessica Jones- Jessica Jones/The Defenders

Veronica Mars-Veronica Mars

Lagertha - Vikings

These most iconic female characters onscreen reveal complex qualities that make them interesting to watch and not at all mere a 'male gaze' idea of a woman. With memorable female performances, these characters leave an impact on the audience with their substance, complexity, and three-dimensional ways. The plots in which these characters are situated and their reaction to it allow, the female audience, to realize that they can be much more than just a "love interest" and become unapologetically themselves to do anything that they want to.

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