These shows make for a fun watch especially for those hailing from the media industry as they capture the heart of the industry perfectly.

If you are working in the media industry, you definitely know what behind the scenes look like. And these shows represent just that. Working in the media industry looks like breaking that news, pitching an idea to a client, deciding on what goes on the magazine’s cover page, which trending topic to cover, writing copy for social media posts, and so much more. If you are from the industry, you know about the everyday hustle, its importance, and how your life ends up revolving around this throughout your career. And while this sounds like fun, it also gets extremely hectic to do this for a living.

If you’re not hailing from the media industry, then this is the ultimate peek inside how the industry works every day. Every ad that makes you want to buy a product, every news story you click on, every post you like, comment, or share on social media, and every scandal that leaves you shocked. Watching these shows also feels like getting the opportunity to understand the inner workings of a mind in the media industry. And these shows cover it all – a serious portrayal of the industry, fun and quirky elements, and agencies speaking up on social issues.

Binge on these creative yet totally apt shows on the media industry.

The Newsroom


Call My Agent

The Bold Type

The Morning Show

30 Rock

Emily In Paris





Sharp Objects

Hey Prabhu

Well, how many have you watched out of these? Did it hit the right chord or did it leave you in awe about the workings of a media industry?

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