You know what time of the month it is. It is PAYDAY, the time of bountiful harvest, the time for feasts, the time for party!!!

When the depleted bank accounts of all the broke janta out there get replenished, the revelry begins. Wine shops are visited, the Pizza Huts, KFCs and Biryani walas are rung up, impulsive shopping is in the front seat and your reasoning skills are locked out, begging to be let in. Now how would you express this feeling of elation and joy? The joy of payday?

I personally declare payday on every damn social media platform out there, from Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and Snapchat. On LinkedIn I behave but you understand that. Here are 10 GIFs that shall allow your loaded butt express its supreme happiness and work towards getting myself into the month end blues mode!

  1. When someone says you will regret spending all that money at once.


2. Making unnecessary purchases at the mall like..payday

3. When you had forgotten it was payday and get a text message!


4. Pampering your pets with unnecessary luxuries.


5. How you fight your friends on pay daypayday

6. That ultra generous feeling that lasts only for like 3 days.payday

7. When you’re at work and the pay day text arrives!payday

8. Waking up the morning after payday.payday

9. When someone asks “Hey you wanna go out?” on pay day.payday

10. PAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!payday

In the end, I would just like to say, I love payday. You love payday. We all love payday.