We have been and continue having ups and downs in our lives. It could be either due to us overthinking, or our mental health problems, various reasons for stress or just the lack of feeling good! However, none of us want to continue feeling so and we have a list of the top 5 books one must read this year to start having a more peaceful, if not entirely content life

  1. A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

The main focus of this book helps readers to understand the moment of living in the now and converting your suffering into peace. He goes on to talk about all the different types of suffering right from anger to grief to even mental health. Writing from various different perspectives, this book aims to be an eye-opener to its readers.

  1. You Are A Badass – Jen Sicero

We all have some form of fear in us, and this book aims to help us get rid of just that. The best part of this book and why it is one of the bestsellers is because of its end of chapter exercises. These are based on what you read, and how you end up feeling in particular situations. A definite must-read for everyone who is afraid of taking the first step towards any situation.

You are a badass

  1. What Are You Hungry For? – Deepak Chopra

Validation – something we all strive for and something we want based on how we look. Now the best way for us to feel confident in our skin is when we are healthy and thin. Deepak Chopra addresses just that in this book, how to tackle weight problems, how to build a long term committed relationship with healthy eating and WHY we want to look the way we do. For all those looking for a transformation, this is the book you should be reading right about now.

What Are You Hungry For?

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  1. Declutter Your Mind – Steve Scott and Barry Davenport

We all feel overwhelmed either with worry or stress or anxiety. Sometimes it gets so bad, where some of us cannot even function or feel so crippled with the worry, we have to either cry it out or need someone to talk us through it. Declutter your mind not only addresses these issues but also provides tips and techniques in order to cope with them.

  1. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Creative BLOCK are the worst! You know what I’m talking about? Either you need to finish some important article or a creative and you just cannot because your brain refuses to allow you to function. This book helps you to work around those blocks, surround yourself with like-minded people, and overcome the fear of getting worked up.

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

In the words of Stephen King, “Books are uniquely portable magic ” and we are completely sure these books will too!