You spread love in the world by extending kindness and love to yourself first.

We care for our friends, family, relatives, the climate, the Universe, the animals around us. We’re uplifting our peers, fighting for human rights, spreading love and confidence one comment, one tweet at a time. But we often fail at extending the same generosity and kindness towards ourselves. We forget that we can only truly only give a 100% love to those around us if we begin with learning to be gentle and loving towards ourselves. Sometimes it’s important to choose yourself first and practice self-love.


So start today, here are 10 ways to practice self-love –

1. Start the day by telling yourself something positive. You could compliment yourself on the new dress that you’re wearing or how you’ve handled a tough situation calmly.

2. Remember to nourish your mind and body. Feed yourself healthy and nutritious food throughout the day and don’t indulge in negative thoughts or feelings.

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3. Be around people who love you and support you. Similarily, cut off from toxic people.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is on their own journey and come with their own set of problems. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, because their struggle is not your struggle.

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5. Enjoy your wins. Whether you’ve scored great in an exam or learned to cook a new recipe, enjoy every win!


6. Try new things. Go outside your comfort zone and explore new things. Whether it is travelling solo, or discovering a new hobby, make way for new things in life.

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7. Love your body the way it is. Self-love starts with self-acceptance. Accept the way your body is and learn to love it!

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Talking to @listerfamilyvalues yesterday about how I am trying to change my mindset towards myself and my body. Trying to be positive about how I look, but still lose weight for my health. Hannah made such a good point. She said it's kinda like when you get your hair cut really short, then let it grow out. You tend to accept your hair at all the different lengths it is (yes even sometimes that flicky out at shoulders stage ?) as it grows. Thats what I'm trying to do. Celebrate my achievements, and feel at peace with my body through every stage it goes through, and every stage it has been through ? #bodypositivity #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #bodypositivityquotes #bodyconfidence #bopo #positivity #positivethinking #positivevibes #acceptance #bodyacceptance #lipoedema #lipedema #celebratemycurves

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8. Be kind to yourself. You’re human at the end of the day and you’re not going to be perfect at all times. Learn to forgive yourself, but make sure to learn from your mistakes.

9. Be grateful for the people in your life and how they encourage you. Be grateful for all the things you have been blessed with and don’t take it for granted.

10. Lastly, learn to say no. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you a real person.