No more wondering how John Krasinski would look like Captain America. Check out this and other extremely realistic looking #deepfake videos created by the YouTube channel, Shamook.

Jim knows that “identity theft is not a joke and millions of family suffer every year” but this video of John Krasinski as Captain America created using Deep Fake technology just gave a life of joy to many online. It is a known fact that John had auditioned to play the role of Marvel’s American hero, however, Chris Evans ended up getting the part. But Shamook, with their latest YouTube video, might have just fulfilled his dream of playing Cap.

Shamook is a YouTube channel that has a bunch of such videos with other actors being realistically replaced into a movie scene, all created using Deep Fake technology. While capturing the most minute details and expressions it becomes hard for anyone to defect that it is fake. Although John could not make it as an Avenger, this video gives us a glimpse of what it would have been like otherwise.

Here’s Shamook’s version of Captain America:

The YouTube channel also has posted a bunch of other videos using movie scenes giving us a varied view of the popular characters and scenes. Take a look at some of the other such videos on the channel.

It’s safe to say that we’re Sh(am)ook!

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