Shefali Shah's short film, Happy Birthday Mummy Ji offers a unique take on the pandemic

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Happy Birthday Mummy Ji

Shefali Shah recently came out with her short film, Happy Birthday Mummy Ji and here's why you should definitely give it a watch!

A multi-talented human, Shefali Shah is one whose creativity will always bring forth something new to the surface. And this film 'Happy Birthday Mummy Ji' that's written and directed by her does just the same. We have all been locked inside our four walls for so long that we don't remember what the outside looks like! While the confines are walling in on us, there's also this solace that comes with being in isolation for so long. Yes, we still want to step out and let the sun rays hit our bodies directly but honestly don't we all just want to be alone as well?

Well, if you've also wondered about this ironic dilemma that this pandemic has brought with it, then you'll love watching this movie because it explores exactly that! This woman has everything ready for her mother-in-law's birthday but then the lockdown takes place and nobody can come. While she is sad at first, she realizes that doing nothing is also kind of fun. She gives in to the pleasure of just relaxing, cooking what she likes, lighting candles, having a picnic, roaming around, and lazing in the pool all day since there's nothing to be done! She is having a gala time just with herself and not worrying about what and how other people might need her.

This film with the theme that it explores makes up for an interesting watch. Even though it reeks of upper rich class pleasure yet the feeling that Shefali Shah portrays through this is probably what a lot of people will resonate with. The use of 'voices just coming through the phone' is such a creative manner of expression. What stayed with us personally was this one shot where she asks her husband, "What do I do then?" and he says, "Nothing.". And then we see her sitting, her back visible to us and she reaches out and unhooks her bra! That shot alone conveyed so much, making it so relatable for so many of us!

If you haven't seen this 14-min long piece, watch it now!

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