Here are all the Sherlock Holmes easter eggs in Enola Holmes 2 that gave us goosebumps and made us nostalgic at the same time!

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Sherlock Holmes easter eggs

While we loved seeing Enola Holmes come into her own and solve mysteries, we couldn't help but geek out over these Sherlock Holmes easter eggs in the movie!

There rarely come sequels that cross the benchmark that the first movie set, and Enola Holmes 2 is definitely one of them. In the second chapter, we see Enola's dedication to start her own detective agency, but she struggles to do so as she faces misogyny and ageism in Victorian England that overlooks her genius mind. If that wasn't enough, there's her famous older brother's fame always lurking over her head which makes it even more difficult for her to make her own name. But as the story unfolds and the Holmes siblings find out that their cases might be connected, together they make a strong detective duo, and we can be sure that not a single thing will go unnoticed.

What else didn't go unnoticed were Sherlock Holmes's easter eggs that take us back to the original character and help solidify the story even more. Only die-hard Sherlock Holmes fans who are well-versed in the books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well as those who have watched the popular Sherlock Holmes series would immediately get all the references made in this film as an ode to the character.

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But if you've missed out on any or you don't know what they mean, you can count on us to list each one of them!

221B Baker Street

The address is as iconic as the character itself. We get the first glimpse of Sherlock's apartment in this film when Enola helps her really drunk brother get home safely. As she lets him rest, she curiously takes a tour of the apartment and so do we. It's the messiest place one can ever imagine, with documents and books scattered everywhere. And of course, an entire map of London which makes it easier for him to solve his cases. A museum has been built near its real-life location making it the first that is dedicated to a literary character.


Sherlock's nemesis Moriarty

Moriarty is one of Sherlock's biggest arch-nemesis who constantly challenges Sherlock's intelligence. If there is anyone who has even come close to Sherlock's genius, it's James Moriarty. He's a professor of socioeconomic status in the books and has also made appearances in both Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr.'s adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. But Enola Holmes 2 gives it a twist by making Moriarty a black woman of common status. She uses the fake name Mira Troy and eventually escapes the police at the end which hints that she might return if there's a third part of the film and her rivalry with Sherlock might continue.


Doctor John Watson

The end credit scene of the film gave us the biggest surprise of them all. Doctor John Watson is known as Sherlock's devoted friend and associate who has a major role to play in all his stories. Now that the character has been introduced in this film as well, it marks the beginning of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson's adventures in the Enola Holmes universe.


Sherlock Holmes' tortoise, Clyde

One of the things we spot in Sherlock Holmes' famous yet unorganized house is a tortoise paperweight on the floor that is kept on some documents. This is an ode to Sherlock's tortoise Clyde who he had found in one of his cases.


Sherlock's famous violin

One of the clues from the movie is a sheet of violin notes that Sherlock plays to find out if it's of any help. Sherlock is known to play his famous fiddle as he is said to be remarkable at playing violin and often found it easier to think as it blurs out the rest of the surroundings for him.


Sherlock Holmes' substance abuse

The first time we see Sherlock Holmes in this film is when he is thrown out of a bar for indulging in too much wine. This is still a very family-friendly version of his addictions that we get to see probably because Enola Holmes caters to a much younger audience. But it definitely foreshadows how knee-deep he will be in his addictions as written in the books.


Sherlock's tendency to be alone

Even after having two siblings, Mycroft and Enola, and a loyal friend like Dr. Watson, Sherlock has always preferred being a lone wolf. Even though Watson accompanied him in all his cases, he still kept some important information only to himself. He describes himself as never a very sociable fellow. The scene where he tells Enola "Don't turn into me" is in reference to his tendency to be alone which affected his work and personal relationships.


Did you also notice these Sherlock Holmes easter eggs in the movie? Let us know your favorite one in the comments below!

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