Shiddat currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar is a terrible attempt to recreate the era of old Bollywood romance with a mix of wokeness.

There is a very famous line ‘everything is fair in love and war’ and if there is a classic example of this stupid line that puts in love and war both together it would be a typical Bollywood romance. No, we are not saying all Bollywood romance was bad, no, just the ones where the hero would be toxic and psychotic as hell and he was justified in the name of love, only those ones. But in the recent few years with the advent of woke culture and OTT, we had happily packed away this toxic love in a box. But Shiddat is one such film that threatens to open that box once again and we will be happy if that remains closed for good.

Yes, sure we do miss the hopeless romantic film that made you fall in love letting go of logic sometimes. And yes we would like to feel the love in the air once again with some wokeness mixed with it but if Shiddat is the result of it then, please we don’t want a hopeless romance for now. Shiddat means passion but only if the makers could have really understood the meaning of it may be the result would not have been what we had to see. Jaggi, a center forward for the Punjab Hockey Team, feels outpouring passion for Kartika, a national-level swimmer. They meet at a sporting event cause apparently sporting events are the new Tinder or Anyways, Jaggi and his friends go to the pool to letch at the female swimmers apparently jalpariyan nikke nikke kapadon mein, and take Kartika’s photo without her permission, and He then even posts it cause let’s just agree that boys will be boys. In a full-on so-called feminist way, she responds to this by marching into the boys’ locker room and takes their photos in various stages of undress. Our hero, Jaggi, who is in the shower, has no issue with this and poses for her naked. And apparently, water trickling down his chiseled abs, a little hanging out together, and a song are all needed for her to fall for him.

Now if you have survived what has happened in the movie till now and thought maybe it will get better then trust us time was only needed by this movie to let go of even a shred of logic left in it. There occurs a series after a series of logicless stupidity which everybody tries so hard to define as passionate love but fails miserably. From Jaggi trying to swim the English Channel to clinging onto an airplane wheel to escaping detention facilities and deportation, just to reach Kartika who is getting married in London. And to add the touch of wokeness since we are living in 2021 there is the issue of illegal immigration added as well. As Jaggi, our toxic psychotic lover boy in the name of love who in real life is stalking goes behind Kartika from Punjab to London via an illegal route and gets captured in France. This is where Gautam, an officer with the Indian Embassy comes in to try and pull in some logic in the film as well as in Jaggi. The film in its entirety of almost two hours is constantly stuck between and failing at both at wokeness and romance.

In fact, if the makers would have gone ahead and explored the story of adult Gautam and Ira that would have been a much better take at Shiddat. Instead, their stable companionship seems like an afterthought in the film just to pit it against stormy all-consuming blind love. Every emotion in the film feels so empty like the concept is there but the passion is missing. If only the makers could decide what they really wanted to do with the film and made it actually with Shiddat it might have been a good comeback for the hopeless romance genre with logic but alas we are still figuring out how to make those. Even though the line-up of actors Sunny Kaushal, Radhika Madan, Mohit Raina, and Diana Penty and the La La Land makeover, in the end, try to salvage what director Kunal Deshmukh, and screenplay writers Shridhar Raghavan and Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan had on papers yet they were pretty unsuccessful at it.

But that’s enough from us let’s look at what the janta is saying about the film on Hotstar!

Shiddat currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Have you watched this film of absolute passion yet? Do tell us about your thoughts in the comments below!

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