#12daysofChristmas: These Christmas tree decor ideas by Shipra Lodha are just what we need

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Shipra Lodha shares her thoughts on Christmas tree decor ideas and they're apt for bringing out the festive spirit and spread the cheer.

Christmas is around the corner and we're all waiting to start decorating our houses and eat some delicious plum cake with some wine. What do we love the most about this season? It's the overall vibe that we love more than the absolutely wonderful food that we look forward to all year round. And Christmas trees definitely add to this vibe! Since it's time to switch it up from last year's Christmas decorations, red and green ball ornaments are timeless and so are fairy lights, but if you feel like your tree could use something extra this holiday season, we've got you covered. Shipra Lodha shares her thoughts on how you can decorate your Christmas tree this year. And her ideas are as perfect as her IG feed!

Here's what's she has to say!

2021 is finally coming to a close. And the holiday season is upon us. If 2020 was quite an unusual year, then 2021 was the one where everything started getting better, then fell apart, and now life seems to be slowly limping back to the way things were.

This year, hopefully, families will celebrate Christmas together after two years and one tradition that holds strong is Christmas tree decoration. The idea of it brings the feeling of warmth and coziness. Deciding the theme for the décor is a good starting point. It allows for a cohesive look to the house and the Christmas tree is central to that.

Whichever tree you choose, a traditional one, sparse tree, or trend-led, lighting plays an important role to get that whimsical look. Always start from the base and then weave it upwards. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lights and make personalized ornaments to give it that touch of love. Garlands of dried oranges and some personalized accents add a lot of charm to the décor without breaking your bank. You can always mix it up with off-the-shelf products and some DIYs. Layer your tree with ribbons as they help you elevate your tree’s aesthetic. Having the perfect tree topper is the perfect cherry on top. It could be a gold star or a big giant bow. And lastly, a tree skirt helps you hide the unsightly legs and helps you put a harmonious look to your decorations. No Christmas tree feels complete without the togetherness of the family, warm meals, and some Christmas carols.

Do you feel like it's Christmas already? Because we sure do!

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