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Shivangi Sah

We spoke to DIY and art influencer, Shivangi Sah who is making us fall in art all over again.

If there's something that instantly makes a person everyone's favorite is art. There's no person in the whole world who's not seen in awe because of their talent to understand art. It takes real ability for a person to be able to even make a perfect circle and having the talent to play with colors automatically makes them the most interesting person in the room. So it would only be fair to say that when Shivangi Sah walks into a room, she gets all they love thanks to her amazing ability to turn anything into a creative piece.

Shivangi Sah is a User Experience Designer by profession who is also a known face when it comes to YouTube. The creator is known for all her amazing art projects and creative ideas. Exploring the world of art, Shivangi has been able to develop her own brand in the digital space. As someone who has always been keen on the field of art and craft, she continues to share her love for arts with the world. "But after school, graduation, and then placement I didn’t get enough time for this hobby. However, I used to paint on the weekends but wasn’t regular. After COVID-19, I grabbed the opportunity to start my own youtube channel (Mumma was my biggest inspiration)"

Art has always fascinated her since her childhood. It was also something she learned and understood with a high degree of interest and responsibility. That's the same reason why she finds it playing a very important part in her life. "Art has always been my safe zone, my therapy. In 12th standard, I took science, and my life used to only revolve around school to various tuition classes. I still remember whenever I used to get time I used to paint to relax." 

Considering how digital platforms have proven helpful to people by giving them the chance to explore their talents, we have seen many creators with incredible talent. These people get the opportunity to interact with people who share the same interest, making it easier for them to live doing what they love. Shivangi believes that these spaces add value to people's life. That there’s a lot that a person can learn and explore during the process. The fact that today she has over 9 lakh subscribers on YouTube shows how she has been able to make the best out of the platform.

When creating a design, Shivangi realizes its potential of being something more than just art. She believes that a design is more than user experience and problem-solving, it's about an emotional connection. That's why she ensures that she looks into certain aspects of the experience it will give the person watching it when designing each of her art or product.

She says, "Designing is not only about problem-solving and doing research work but also how the user can connect with the product emotionally and buy the product without having second thoughts. It includes psychology as well. I always think of my target audience/ end users and accordingly I prepare the theme, storyline, color palette, etc so that everything remains in synergy."

While her channel has been doing quite well, the same was formed out of a tragedy. She started the channel when COVID-19 hit us all resulting in one of her well-planned travel getting canceled. "I was flying to a foreign country for work but due to covid, everything got canceled. If I was not in India, I would have never thought of starting my own channel. That failure which was one of the toughest periods of my life (because everything was planned) has eventually turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me"

She was able to share her own ideas and tips on working with paint, DIY, mistakes and a bit more with us.

What is the trickiest kind of paint that you worked with?

Although I love doing all kinds of painting and love exploring new mediums as well, the trickiest thing I came across was when I tried painting with my hair and my fingers.

Common art mistakes people make and ways they can avoid them.

People expect fast results, whereas the more you spend time practicing art the more you develop your skills.

How has content creation helped your love of DIY and art?

Now I am regular in doing art and DIY as people wait for me for new videos eagerly. I also take it seriously now as it's not just a hobby anymore. 

What does your 3 am youtube rabbit hole look like?

Spiritual and motivational documentaries are the kind of videos I binge-watch at 3 am usually.

The strangest and happiest DM you ever received?

A subscriber once told me, “You are an inspiration, not because you are a great artist or a creator but the way you manage your time with creative videos and your full-time job.”, that made me really happy. It shows how my subscribers truly relate to me and how we’ve created a community together. 

A message you would love to share with our readers?

Never think it's too late to learn/start something new.

Do check out Shivangi Sah's YT channel if you are an art fan too.

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