Meet Vikramdada Alhat, that fun uncle who we love having at a party!

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Vikramdada Alhat

Actor-Dancer, Vikramdada Alhat is the desi kalakar you should follow and check out on social media for that serotonin.

It's hard to miss out on unique talent, especially if they happen to be rocking it online. The short video platforms are like a talent show where people are free and comfortable sharing things they enjoy doing with the world. In the process, we're introduced to people, talent, and art forms that we never would have otherwise come across. People of all ages, places, races, and gender are living their dream of performing on these platforms. Like the many who have become our favorites online, the one person who is killing it with his moves is Vikramdada Alhat. Bringing his desi talent to our screens, Vikramdada is making us smile one video at a time.

We have seen a cop going all footloose to Bollywood numbers and also saw a 60-year-old homemaker put on her dancing shoes back on after ages. The best part of it all is that there are many people who are kind to them by sharing their encouragement. This is helping each of these talents continue doing something that they had to leave behind at some point in their lives. Vikaramdada is amongst this list of online discoveries who never disappoint when it comes to his videos. This desi kalakar is giving every urban individual a taste of rural India, not just with his song choices but also with his setting. He has not only been able to reach out to millions but has also had the opportunity to collaborate with celebrities and fellow content creators. Shooting videos with his beautiful village in the background, Vikramdada does not hold back when it comes to dancing and we love that about him. It's videos and individuals like Vikramdada Alhat that make us want to revisit social media and also have fun doing it.

Check him out!

Have you come across any of his videos? Let us know which is your favorite video by Vikramdada.

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