Shivani Bafna’s wedding is that magical love story that we cannot have enough of!

Weddings in India are a big deal. No matter who you are, your family will make sure you get the grandest wedding of your life with relatives and friends joining in to celebrate with you on your special day. While we always look forward to any wedding in the family, the other weddings we anticipate the most are that of celebrities. One such wedding that had the entire internet community most excited was that of digital celebrities, Shivani Bafna and Shyam Shah.

Shivani and Shyam have been a couple for a long time now. They have been able to create their own following online as they continued to entertain their audience with their content. They were able to capture the world’s attention when Shyam went all Bollywood with his surprise proposal to Shivani. They uploaded the video on YouTube and it soon become viral. Since then, the two have grown as content creators and showered us with their love for dancing and Bollywood. And as expected, their wedding was a great affair too. From a bunch of different ceremonies, dressing up royally to dancing and enjoying every bit of it, their wedding looks straight out of a Bollywood movie and we are totally in love. Shivani has been sharing videos and pictures from every single event and her Instagram looks like the perfect place for brides to find inspiration.

The videos she shared look like a total dream!


She had us teary-eyed with this beautiful performance

How every groom wants to be welcomed! Heart eyes all the way

Is it okay to love the BTS video more than the final one?!

How can everything be so messing and aesthetically pretty at the same time?

Looks like the perfect setup for a Bollywood wedding

Royalty all the way

Every Indian bride’s dream

More dancing

More fun

And a beautiful end to the wedding saga

Congratulations Shivani and Shyam on this beautiful and so aesthetic happily ever after!

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