Siddhi Karwa finds magic and hope among some bittersweet October memories

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Siddhi Karwa

Content creator Siddhi Karwa acknowledges that October was truly bittersweet for her and we agree with her little POV video.

We're into November, which means we're just one month from the new year and that is scary enough for us to wonder where all the time went. It feels like just yesterday when we were trying to process 2020; we blinked and suddenly we see 2022 end. But no matter where time goes, life shows us all the ups and downs keeping it interesting and filled with challenges for us to experience. And content creator Siddhi Karwa took the time to reflect on the same with her October end post. Because for her 'October was a lot about letting go,' and many of us cannot help but agree with it.

Recalling how bittersweet October was for her, Siddhi shared a POV video including some select memories from the month. She wrote, "I remember taking clips of every sunset and every frame in sight for a week before I left like a maniac since I was so damn scared of letting it all slip away, I wanted to capture it all. But I never really ended up posting any of it, coz I realized watching it got even scarier."

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She mentioned how she low-key didn’t want to be the girl who got emotional without giving us more details on it (likely so, as we respect her privacy). But she also believes she does a better job expressing herself visually than putting those emotions into words. Siddhi further wrote, "if you are going through a shift in your life, big or small, know that growth does feel uncomfortable sometimes, especially when it’s preparing you for bigger things in life." It's always a relief to know you're not alone when it comes to facing life's struggles and hurdles. Knowing that every person has their own little war to fight helps ease ours a bit. Watching our creators share their experiences makes life easier knowing that irrespective of career, age, place, or life, we all sail and sink the same boats but "then we have paddles, life jackets, lifeguards, awaiting us in some form every now and then and it all feels WORTHWHILE yet again."

Hope you had an amazing October and here's wishing you an eventful November!

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