Don’t forget to mind your fallen jaw after you have watched these amazing Silhouette challenge videos.

Internet is still recovering from the Buss It challenge and there is another one already winning the trend list. The new Silhouette challenge is giving people life online. The trend has become a hit for the dedication with which people are doing it. This challenge has definitely left us gasping.

People are owning their curves as the beat drops in the remix of the Paul Anka classic “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” with Doja Cat’s “Streets.” While who started the trend is unknown, it did not take much time for people to try their hand at it. Transition challenges are always fun to watch and this one just hits right as the users are going from the goody to a hot and steamy avatar. After watching about two videos you will suddenly find your room to be hot. And we can bet on that.

Check out these Silhouette challenge videos:

Uff! we know, someone needs to turn the AC on. While we continue to stare in amusement at these videos, internet did not wait any longer to share their memes. And boy! they are great, because SAME.

People also shared their memes on the challenge:

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