The Buss It trend is the newest viral craze on social media and the fashion transformations are awe-inspiring.

The latest Buss It trend is basically like a transformation video where people start with basic outfits and then transition into fashion icon versions of themselves. In the video, they’re dancing to Erica Banks’ song Buss It, and once the beat drops in the song, the user drops it low and they are suddenly glammed up.

It’s similar to the “Wipe It Down” challenge that was once a big thing on TikTok. In that challenge, a user wiped a bathroom mirror to the lyrics in the song “Wipe It Down” by BMW Kenny. After wiping down the mirror, the user would suddenly appear different, and often more glamorous or sexy. People have been taking it to the next level on Instagram Reels as well.

A little about the song:

The Buss It trend features the song sung by Texan rapper Erica Banks. ‘Buss It’, released in June 2020, samples the iconic 2002 hit ‘Hot in Herre’ by rapper Nelly throughout the track.

Thanks to the challenge, ‘Buss It’ is currently climbing the Apple iTunes charts. Erica recently shared on Instagram that it’s one of the top female rap songs on US iTunes.

Take a look:

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