For today’s Friday Follow we see how fashion and lifestyle influencer Simran Poddar is making an effort to make valuable content.

Fashion is usually associated with being luxurious! It’s all about couture and designer pieces. But one notion that the content creation community has been able to break is that fashion is all about confidence and identifying one’s style. Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer, Simran Poddar is doing the same and hopes to continue with that work.

Simran Poddar is an influencer who with her flamboyant personality has been able to create a place in the Indian content creation community. While she creates content in everything related to beauty, fashion, and home decor her main motive was to give her creativity a platform. Someone who comes from a background in Journalism and Mass Communication, she was always very keen on exploring a career in Public Relations. Although she hasn’t completely let go of that career, she manages to give her creative bone a boost through her content creation journey.

Talking about how this journey began, Simran says, “It started in the last few days of college when I realized I want to showcase my lifestyle on an open platform. That was the time I downloaded the Instagram app on my phone and kick-started the journey.”

Creating content for her online family was never just about dressing up. She always wanted to have a very organic and medium growth on her page. It was about making a point and giving people a boarder perspective on how fashion is more than spending money to buy new clothes. She never invested in new clothes when she started her journey. She made use of her existing wardrobe and that was one major point she wanted to put forward. She says, “Anyone wealthy can buy a whole lot of clothes but the real fun comes from playing with your existing wardrobe and how you twist and turn them in your everyday style. Fashion to me means simplicity, fashion to me means that even short girls like me can slay every moment when they walk with utmost positivity and confidence.”

One thing that she has learned over her time creating content is to keep up with the trends. She is well aware of the increasing popularity of short videos in recent times and the pool of creators that it has encouraged. “Due to the low attention span of the viewers, Instagram has grown to another level in terms of reels. Creators like me have started to enjoy them a lot more where the objective is to establish your message in a few seconds.”

And she now understands the positives and negatives of being on a huge platform that reaches a wider audience. Getting the opportunity to connect with multiple brands and people is what Simran finds to be the best part of content creation. “Out of the 5 days of work, my 2 days go into networking.” In the process of wanting to create content for her page, she often has to shoot outside. Finding 50 people watching her while on the streets tends to make it awkward but she does it anyway because of her love for it.

One quote that she keeps with herself that keeps her going is, “Everything seems to be possible provided you happen to be you and listen to no crew”.

Here’s what else she had to say!

Have you received any DM from your followers that stayed with you?

I remember a follower saying, Simran the way you do your snap transitions in your reel is so divine to watch.

If you had to describe your hopes for 2022?

Just keep pushing myself towards curating great content for the lifestyle brands and actually be able to create an impact on them.

Don’t forget to check out her page on Instagram for your daily content around fashion, beauty, and home decor.

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