We got to know a lot more about singer-composer, Aaryan Banthia during our latest Live session. Read on to find out more!

Aaryan Banthia is a talented Singer-Guitarist, Composer and Record producer who launched his single Yaadein last year and has managed to create quite the fan-following for himself. His second single, Back in the day has also crossed over 2 million views and is still going strong. It was in his second year of college that he cemented the dream to pursue his passion. In a short duration of time, the talented singer has received much exposure and has been continuously working on his music. Even being in lockdown hasn’t stopped him from perfecting his next tune. But that’s not all he has been up to. In our recent Live session with the artist, he answered several questions from his fans and here’s how it went.

Check out what Aaryan Banthia had to say:

What’s your self-isolation routine?

“I sleep late because I work on my music at night and then I wake up late. It’s something I’ve not done in years so I am enjoying it. I’ve been spending time with my family after a while because I keep travelling a lot. I am so happy that I am back in Calcutta. It’s a different feeling.”

Is there a song you wish you had sung?

“I am a Sonu Nigam fan so Abhi Mujhme Kahin is something I would’ve loved to sing.”

One song that you loved listening to growing up??

“I am very western inclined anyway, so I used to listen to a lot of it. Bon Jovi is one of my favourites from my childhood. I can’ pick a favourite it depends on how I am feeling, too be honest.”

What is the first place you will visit after it’s declared safe to go out?

“First I’ll be going to Mumbai and working on my music. I mean I’ll meet my friends here first and then go back to work. It’s getting boring at home and I can’t wait to get back.”

First junk food you want to eat after this? 

“I am a massive Pizza fan yaa so it will have to be that.”

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Your favourite corner in the house? 

“I keep changing my spots. Where I find peace and feel good that’s where I chill.”

A new skill you’ve learned during quarantine or one habit you’re trying to enforce? 

“I am actually learning film-making. I am watching as many videos as I can. It’s something I really want to do and besides that I am watching a lot of Netfllix.”

Whom do you stalk on Instagram?

“I don’t really stalk anyone but I like Ana Des Armas.”

One song you can listen to all day long? 

“I listen to John Mayer a lot and I can listen to all his songs whether it’s a country vibe son or blues. In fact, I was listening to him right before this as well.”

One musical instrument you want to learn?

“I would like to learn how to play the Harmonica because that is something I would like to use in my songs.”

We can’t wait to see what Aaryan Banthia has in store for us!