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Shivanshu Agrawal discusses the struggles and efforts of adapting to the changing world of social media

A few years ago, the landscape of content creation was considerably less crowded. New concepts like short-form content were just beginning to emerge, and the production quality was a secondary concern to the core content. As time unfolded, so did a dramatic shift in this environment. The rise of short-form content led to an influx of creators, causing the competition to surge. Standing out in this sea of content now required not only unique messaging but also top-notch production quality. It was the dawn of an era where superior cameras and audio equipment became vital allies in the battle for audience attention.

As an infotainment creator, the pressure to stay informed about the latest trends and technologies is immense. It's not just about being knowledgeable; it's a necessity embedded in the very core of my work. My audience looks to me for quick and clear distillations of complex global events, pushing me to stay one step ahead of the news cycle.

This urgency to stay updated has seen me integrate emerging technologies like AI tools into my work. These tools aren't just fascinating novelties; they're strategic assets that can provide a critical edge in a highly competitive field. Around two to three months after the launch of ChatGPT 3, I jumped on the AI bandwagon. It was a strategic move to uncover fresh content ideas and simplify intricate topics for my audience.

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Why is there a rush among creators to adapt and evolve? Simply put, it's a matter of survival in an increasingly competitive landscape. As new creators enter the field, the bar for content quality escalates daily. Whether it's MrBeast's lavish productions or Johnny Harris's meticulously researched narratives, every niche has its high standards to contend with. The motto for success in this realm is clear: adapt, innovate, or risk being overlooked.

To keep up with trends and the rapid pace of digital evolution, my knowledge arsenal comprises numerous news portals, newsletters, and tools like Google Trends and Twitter. It's a continual learning process, crucial not just for my professional growth but also for the value I deliver to my audience.

In retrospect, the decision to adapt to new technologies and trends was pivotal for my content creation journey. Implementing AI tools for ideation and thumbnail design has significantly broadened my reach and improved the overall quality of my work. It's evidence that in the digital age, those who welcome change with open arms reap rich rewards.

In conclusion, navigating the swiftly changing digital currents can be demanding. But this pressure to keep up with trends and technologies also propels us, as creators, to continually innovate, adapt, and deliver quality content. The journey might be challenging, but every wave we ride becomes a catalyst for growth and evolution.

This article was a part of Social Kechup's July-August '23 edition!

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