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Check out what Abhyudaya and Gautami from the popular YouTube channel Slayy Point had to say about the recent online trend that originated from their channel aka Binod.

If you are on the internet you would probably be wondering too who Binod is. Although we might not know who this person is, we surely can laugh at the multiple memes that is trending on the internet RN. The reason behind Binod becoming a favourite internet meme is Slayy Point, a YouTube channel that makes interesting and relatable content online.

The trend came into the picture after Slayy Point, a famous YouTube channel uploaded a video titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)”. Ironically the comments section in this video gave birth to a meme. The video talked and gave a glimpse of how people in India comment on YouTube videos. One of the YouTube users, Binod Tharu, wrote his own name ‘Binod’ without adding anything else in the comments. And thus began the trend that brought Creators, Memers, Brands and Netizens together.

Slayy Point is known for its funny content revolving around everything and anything. The channel belongs to Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale who are two best-friends making quirkiest videos to fulfil their passion for creating content online. They create satirical videos and vox-pop. Their movie review videos have also garnered enough attention from the audiences with some receiving up to 4 million views. Although they began the channel with cricket commentaries, they eventually changed their name to Slayy Point to suit their current content.

After seeing the hype that Binod created online, the founders themselves decided to make a video on the same giving their point of view on the new trend.

Abhyudaya and Gautami recently chatted with Social Samosa and gave in their insight into how Binod became a trend even without their knowledge. They said that although it was just a 20 sec part in a 9 min video they did not expect it to blow up this much. The meme became a trend when people started commenting Binod on other YouTubers' live streams. Slayy Point also mentioned how they never intended to make it a trend and it just happened.

Talking about their journey so far Gautami concluded the interview by saying, "Just really believe in good things happening. Its been 4 years of us making creating content. We used to thing aur mehenat karni padegi and during the lockdown, it really motivated us as we couldn't meet. We haven't met in 5 months and we really thought this is going to be the worst period for us content vice. There are various sketches that we would love to come together and act in. We can't do that, but all thanks to the audience and that comment that we found. At any point, anything can happen and look where we are now. So, never ever lose hope things will happen."

Check out their #SamosaTalks:

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