Slayy Point becomes the first and only Indian content creator to speak at VidCon

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Youtubers Slayy Point became India's first and only content creator to be the speaker at the internationally celebrated event, VidCon this year.

Making a grand comeback after two years of the pandemic, VidCon, the gathering of content creators, fans, and industry professionals was the talk of the town last few weeks. Representing the Indian content creators’ community globally, Slayy Point was the first and only content creator from India to be the speaker at the internationally celebrated event this year.

Invited by YouTube global, Slayy Point shared their thoughts and views on the recent international campaign they did in collaboration with YouTube. During the panel, the creators from across the world joined together to inspire exploration of earth and the importance of protecting it.


Talking about her experience, Gautami, Slayy Point said: “VidCon was an enlightening experience for us to be co-paneled with Gina Shalavi- Global Head of Top Creator Programs for YouTube Marketing, and fellow creators Mark Vins and Jina Kim. It was a moment of pride for us to represent India globally as we were the first and only Indian creators to be invited to speak at VidCon!”

“There is a huge possibility that the creator economy will grow and remain for some time to come! A NASA representative in the audience asked us questions about YouTube and offered to collaborate! We're still stunned!” exclaimed Gautami.


Commenting about their experience Abhyudaya Mohan, Slayy Point, said: “Having a space built just for creators gave us the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and valued for the first time in our lives. There was a sense of respect.  We finally felt like someone understood us, We felt like we belonged!”

Gautami further adds, “There were so many eager fans who had purchased tickets to see their favorite creators across platforms all over the world. They bought so much merch and supported their favorite creators wholeheartedly which was touching.”

“It is overwhelming to see the overpowering growth of influencers, content creators, and creator economy at large.” the duo said.


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