Check out this new Twitter trend as people share the smaller roles with a bigger impact that made us love movies and shows they were a part of.

Movies are made great and watchable not just because of the lead. For any story to shine and deliver the best to its audiences, it requires an array of talented actors to bring the smallest role to life. Every impactful movie was made successful because of such characters and Twitter decided to share their favourite smaller roles with a bigger impact from movies.

While the lead or the center characters take up most of the screen time, it is hard not to focus on their performance. We see them laugh, cry, fight, having the audiences hooked to the story. Despite them being the center of the story, it is the smaller characters who help add layers to the screenplay and story. It is these characters who were able to leave an impact even with the smallest screen-time. When we look back we realise, it is hard to picture a movie without their existence.

Check out this Twitter thread:

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