Instagram is swamped with #SnootChallenge videos and it is the best thing EVER! For starters, it has dogs, so it goes without saying that it’s adorable! What more could you ask for than a fluffy creature running up to you? It is sure to brighten up your day like nothing else would!

The #SnootChallenge is very easy to accomplish. You just form your hands into a circle and watch your dog running up to fit their noses or cute faces in it! People are bringing creative twists into it by using paper cuts, doughnut pillows and what not!

I haven’t seen anything this adorable in a long while and I’m sure you would agree too after watching these! Take a look:

1. Doggo: Fine, if you’re insisting so much.

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#snootchallenge ??

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2. My love for doughnuts just grew ten fold!

3. Even the fails are cute af!

4. Such a goody two shoes!

5. At the end, the dog just looks on like, “So what, I’m just supposed to roam around with toast on my nose now?”


7. His name is Thor so he obviously has my heart.

8. He was just going about his business until a human put his face in a circle, lol!

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Challenge accepted #snootchallenge #frenchbulldog

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9. I know the social niceties, don’t shove them in my face!

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?#snootchallenge #fail #bostonterrier

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10. There’s cute and then there’s ‘my heart can’t take this’ cute!

#SnootChallenge ft. Dixie @_.jazzybelle._

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Jaws aching because the smile just won’t leave your face? Yeah, thank me later!

It’s official – dogs are the greatest gift we’ve received!