A social media break is all we wish for at the moment. No matter how hard you want it, it always seems difficult. These steps will help you achieve social media detox.

Social media and the online world is fun and exciting. But there comes a time when it is too much to handle. It is this big sea of information, facts, opinions, assumptions and whatnot that can take a toll on us. With every new issue rising, we have a bunch of people giving away advice pretending to be experts in the matter, only to make things complicated. Life online seems so exciting that we find ourselves wanting to be a part of it no matter how strange things seem. In the fear of missing out, people follow the bandwagon and do everything that the online community speaks about. We take part in the weirdest challenges, share posts without verifying it because everyone else is doing it and so on. It is because of all this unnecessary noise and distraction that all of us need a good social media detox.

There is no better way of self-care that taking a break from social media and enjoying me-time. We are constantly straining our eyes spending endless time on the screen. We have become so used to it that it is easier to post things online than talk to people. Not to mention the negative impact on our mental health. Also, our fingers need a rest from all the scrolling and tapping we do all day.

These things will help you have a proper social media detox:

Identify your most-used apps

Delete those social media apps

Have a conversation with your friends and family

Make a Detox buddy in order to stay motivated

Try putting a rubber band around your phone as a physical obstacle to use it

Change your lock screen

Have a bedtime for your phone too

Use an actual, real alarm clock. Because you know what leads to you waking up to the alarm on your phone

Set time limits on your apps

Find value in your own company 

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