Blinks on social media can’t keep calm after the release of Blackpink’s “Born Pink” album and are recreating looks while vibing to their new songs.

Blackpink, after a long wait, is back with the release of their second album. Blackpink’s “Born Pink” consists of eight songs and a lot of confidence, wilderness, and seasoned music. The band took two years to come up with this album, and fans cannot help but appreciate the art of it. After all, Blackpink comebacks have always been a sweet surprise, and they always end up being bangers thanks to the good concepts, catchy music, and great performance by the members. K-Pop has made an impact on Indian audiences as well, which kinda proves that language isn’t an obstacle when you want to vibe to good music.

The band’s pre-release song “Pink Venom” was successful in catching wide attention all over the world with its unique choreography and catchy music. Blinks can’t be more inspired to try this on their own and that’s what the social media is buzzing over. Creators on social media are recreating Blackpink looks and vibing to these new song releases.

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Check it out!

The band really knows how to “Shut down” all the hate with their music!

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