7 Reel transition ideas to try at weddings!

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Weddings are incomplete without a bunch of cousins getting together to nail all the Reel transitions they have saved. If you don't know where to look for inspo, here are some wedding Reel transitions you can check out! 

We all want our life to be exactly like Band Baaja Baaraat but little did we know that it would become one. The movie was about romanticizing the wedding business which is exactly what every individual does in real life. We all love quintessential Bollywood movies where everyone from Banno ki saheli to Anjali’s sister gets to be the main character. Thanks to social media, we can now leave digital footprints of our love to be filmy during weddings. What’s the way to do it, you ask? Getting hold of trending audios and making Reels on them.

If there is anything that can beat the wedding chaos, it is the madness that comes with gathering everyone so you can get that one perfect Reel. One need not be a pro to try their hand at a transition that will fulfill their Bollywood dream, all you need is the will and people who are open to doing their best to become the next big viral personality on Instagram.

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If you are also shaadi hopping and are looking for inspirations for wedding Reels, then this list is for you!

If you're a single cousin at a wedding and looking for potential rishtas, don't forget to use this Reel transition as a creative portfolio instead.

Your outfit deserves to be shown off, after all the time and effort you have put into getting it together. Try this transition out!

Every single person should get their romantic Hayoda moment and Indian weddings are the perfect place to have it.

Bollywood heart and Punjabi songs never go out of style, so does this basic transition.

For anyone ready to go that extra mile and put in some effort, this is the perfect transition for you.

We all need a little 'Father-daughter' moment and what better way to do it than this?

No men left behind!

Which of these will you be using next? Tell us in the comments below!

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