12 social media trends that are weird and entertaining at the same time

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Check out these weird and entertaining social media trends that made our experience online more engaging.

Social media is a weird place, with a lot of weird challenges making it to the trends list. A list of bizarre things can be easily found on the internet, leaving us questioning ourselves for most of the part. While some challenges happen to support a cause or to help spread awareness about an issue, some are just there. At times even the meaningful challenges end up being followed by people without knowing the actual purpose and only because they are a trend. Nevertheless, these weird trends are what makes the world of social media-worthy of us being there. It makes the whole social media live interesting and entertaining. We have made a list of such social media trends that have kept us entertained online.

Take a look at these Social media trends:

Beautiful Landscapes With Naked Butts

Twin Strangers Project

Pimple Popping

100 Layers

Face jewellery

Pillow challenge

what the fluff challenge

Flip the Switch challenge

Naked Challenge

Between Art and Quarantine Challenge

Don’t Rush Challenge

Bin isolation challenge

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