Indian illustrator, Sonaksha is spreading awareness and impacting people by sharing her valuable artworks online.

All that we as need as humans is motivation and daily affirmations to remind us of our worth. There are days when all you want to do climb on top of a mountain and scream but all we do is bury our face in the pillow and scream out loud. The internet is a place where people tend to speak up about a bunch of things but it’s also a place where things can get a bit ugly and rude. In the midst of all of this, Indian illustrator, writer, and book designer, Sonaksha Iyengar is painting her political views.

She uses her art to put forth her views on feminism, mental health, body positivity, and LGBTQIA+ rights. She carefully handles these topics while educating people on the internet about why it’s important for us to start conversations around taboo topics. Her series on Mental Health described various disorders in alphabetical order and went viral on the internet. Her art was able to impact people during the pandemic as well. She has been using Instagram to take a stand on things that matter via her artworks and words.

Check it out!

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