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DIY decor and plant blogger, Sonakshi shares her tips on how one can make their home more Instagrammable.

Not so long ago one could only invite people to your home in the ‘real world’, but with technology and social media, you can share your home styling and décor ideas with the entire world! We see many different home interior styles online and a few of those create an unforgettable impression in our minds - “Oh, look at that living room, I would love something like that!”. Today, we are trying to look at what those elements are of home styling that create an impact on Instagram.

Adding plants: This may be the easiest way to make your home Instagram-worthy. Add beautiful foliage plants, in jute or bamboo baskets and let them create magic. You can go for one big plant or create a corner with a few small ones. Make sure they are of different heights.

Subtle yet bold: While pastel colours are in today, throwing one or two elements with some bold colours gives a really good contrast to the style, like having a pastel-coloured sofa and rugs, but having a bright coloured lamp shade

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Clean the clutter: To make your house feel lighter, more transparent and more visually appealing, get rid of all the clutter. Give away things which don’t make you happy anymore, this could mean a lot of décor or furnishings that have been lying in your home for ages, but have not been used at all. Also, organise your cables with clips behind the tables, and use trays or bowls on your coffee table for organising the remote and knick-knacks. You can invest in closed storage cabinets to keep things out of sight.

Light is everything: Goes without saying that natural light is the best filter. Allowing light to enter your home will make it look much better. Try to use sheer curtains wherever you can, if this is not feasible then look for other forms of light which will work. like spotlights to create visual interest in a specific area or artwork, or ambience lighting to create warmth.

Asymmetry: Instead of going for very symmetrical designed/coloured products, go for nice products that may be really good on their own and once brought together, they create a good visual collage! Instead of having a 3+1+1 sofa set and similar cushioned, coloured chairs, go for a 2 seater sofa set, 2 cane chairs and 1 lounge chair that may not be of similar colour or design

Use mirrors: I can’t stress this enough! Mirrors create an illusion of a bigger space. You can try to go for floor-length mirrors, though these may be pricy, otherwise, opt for smaller mirrors and place them in such a way that they reflect good things and not dead space.

Add accent furniture: This would be the conversation starter, so don’t mind going too bold with it. Also, you don’t have to shell out from your pocket to get this, just explore some old stores, get some second-hand things and paint them, do some ‘kalakaari’ and viola!

Your home, your story: Add your personal touch to your home. It should reflect your personality, and be a compilation of things that make you happy. Showcase your travel souvenirs, frame your memories

Hope these tips help you add that magic to your home!

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