Sonali Malhotra loves that content creation does not confine her to just one thing

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On today's Friday follow we discuss Sonali Malhotra about finding positives and loving her body no matter what.

People often deal with insecurities that they are either afraid of or not very open to talk about. For many of us, we try and change ourselves to fit into the norm or don't give a damn about what others think. No matter what stage you are at, we tend to look up to people who love and appreciate all of their flaws. The ceator community is one that we as common people are always turning to, especially because of how relatable they feel. And Sonali Malhotra is one blogger who has managed to win hearts by choosing to love her own body.

A beauty and fashion influencer, Sonali Malhotra hails from Mumbai and has been creating content for the past 8 years. "I have been working in this field since the past 8 years now and my journey has been nothing short of terrific, seeing how blogging wasn't taken as a profession few years back to now being one of the main advertising forms makes me so happy." Someone who has always been vocal about her opinions, she has been able to create her own domain in the digital space during the lockdown. Social media became a platform that everybody was turning towards during the pandemic and that made blogging so much more relevant to the audience. She has always been passionate about a lot of things and creating content became something that helped her explore everything she enjoyed.

"Content creation is something that doesn’t confine you to anything specific and that was my main reason. Of course with that I was keen on sharing my interests, passion and experiences with others while creating a difference in people’s life by maintaining a bond through my online presence."

One cannot dismiss the cut throat competition that exists in the influencer industry and in order to stand out, one is required to have their own element and Sonali has tried to be her authentic self. "I think my content is very personal to me which makes it authentic. I stay true to my values." She understands people's need to see more genuine influencers who can normalise all body types and hopes to be one among them.

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She believes that the popularity of short-video platforms has encouraged creators to experiment with their content. According to her, these platforms have made video creation accessible for viewers as well as content creators. "It’s easier to produce which means one can test out new ideas and even allows flexibility to trends. It further breaks down creative and production barriers and the content can altered easily."

Sonali has always been vocal about loving our body and respecting it. Being on a a public platform and doing what she loves while dealing with her insecurities may not always be as easy as she makes it look. "Of course it’s tough being exposed to so many people who judge you or have an opinion about everything. I think dealing with insecurities will always be there, you just have to see yourself in a positive light regardless." She has learned to celebrate and embrace all her quirks and things that makes her different.

And she tries to stick to her values and interests too when deciding what to promote on her feed. She makes sure it’s all about body positivity, beauty and lifestyle content. There’s always a glimpse of what’s happening in her life and sharing what she's up to with her audience.

Things about being a creator that your followers don’t know about?

"There’s a lot of hard work involved. Long shooting hours, criticism from strangers online. It’s tough balancing personal and professional life since being a content creator is a full time job. Then there’s pressure of being elevant and keeping your audience satisfied. I’m always trying to provide value for their trust in me."

What are the basic elements that always help you add that magic even to a regular boring outfit?

For me it’s always the accessories. I like sticking with my golds and silvers. It adds a great flair to the outfit and can easily elevate it. As Micheal Kors once said 'I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.' It was difficult for me to find a niche. You see all these flawless, lean models getting a ton of views and engagement after posting something unassuming. I don't intend to belittle anyone, but that is the reality I have had to deal with. People like me who don't adhere to the conventional “beauty standards" find it challenging to boost engagement or build a following with little effort. I've always had a demanding journey, but I won't alter a thing since I'm proud of how far I've come. Maybe by doing this, I may encourage others to follow suit.

Fashio keeps evolving over time. What have been the best and worst kind of fashion trends according to you?

Definitely everything rhinestone and bling, people aren't shy to go all out there anymore and even a great comfy off duty model trend is going all out in 2023. And definitely peplum and florals needs to be left behind, they've been there for a long time and it's high time we get over it.

If you are looking for more creators being confident in their own skin, then don't forget to check out her account.

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