These songs from albums could have been massive hits if the artist released them as singles

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These songs from albums could have been massive hits if the artist released them as singles

Get your favorite drinks cuz here are songs from albums we all wished were singles when we first heard them!

Growing up, I always listened to western music and grew up watching western television now, I proudly call myself a melomaniac. To be honest, I don't even know what I would have done without music; it feels up my soul and gives a new meaning to it. I always loved listening to artists with their full body of work because that's how you get to know the artists through and through. There are so many songs from albums that have the potential to be a single too. Very recently, while listening to an album by Olivia Rodrigo something just struck my mind while I was listening to Happier from her album Sour, she could have made more coins if only she released this as a single.

It not only sounds like a hit single but releasing it after drivers license and good 4 u would do justice to the storyline of the album. Just like Olivia, there are so many artists who didn't risk releasing some songs off their albums as singles. But singles or on the album, the song doesn't lose its meaning, and we would always cherish the effort every artist puts in.

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Beyonce is known to be the queen of the music industry and is frequently been called Queen Bee. We don't expect queens to do something that we don't like right? Well, She did release Formation as one of the singles from her then highly anticipated album Lemonade, but Daddy Lessons from her entire album is personally my favorite, and it sonically sounds like an upbeat song but trust me, the lyrics are gonna make you vulnerable, and this is when she gets more open about her Dad. Beyonce has already given us hits from every genre that ever existed, and people are not wrong when they say she owns the industry.

Songs like Holy ft. Chance The Rapper and Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon went to become a massive hit but some of the songs from Justice by Justin Bieber didn't quite do justice. The song Off my face is about his wife Hailey Beiber and how deeply in love he is with her and which I think deserved to be a single from the album because all the other singles were more of a radio hit type of songs it would have been good to see a somber soft song like Off my face reaching heights on charts. Justin Beiber always sounds like the guy next door singing for his crush, and no matter in what direction he goes music-wise, he'll always stay the same even when he is trying to get into trap music!

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We talk about Ariana Grande and how she is at the top position in the music industry right now, her album Positions quite made a swirl in her career, and it definitely was critically acclaimed. While we all bopped to Positions and made reels, there was a hidden yet-to-be-released named Safety net ft. Ty dollar sign. This song really gave the meaning that was missing from the other singles she put out. We definitely love when artists get vulnerable with their music and spill the truth out!

Even when the album thank u, next came out it created a buzz as she talked about her ex-lovers, but one song specifically talked about Mac Miller which should have been a single but I guess it's fair for her fans to wait until the entire album was out and cry together.

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Now when it comes to modern rap music Doja Cat leads the way. With her album Hot Pink, she became a mainstream female rapper and received immediate success. Later, when she released Planet Her She released a couple of singles which did well at first but when the album was out Woman totally swooned people and how! She created her own aura with one and Woman definitely was a major help in that. Though it became a hit on TikTok Doja's fans think that TikTok ruins every song Doja Cat puts out, and it would have been a major hit if it were released as a single.

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