Was SonyLIV's Good Bad Girl a good or a bad story for the Janta? Let's find out!

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SonyLIV's Good Bad Girl

SonyLIV's Good Bad Girl starring Samridhi Dewan and Gul Panag was released on October 14. Here's everything the Janta liked and disliked about the show!

Good Bad Girl tells us the story of Maya Ahuja (Samridhi Dewan), a mischievous girl who always lies and will go to any length to get what she wants in life. Maya's life is portrayed in three different timelines: as a little child (played by Aradhya Ajana), as a law student in Pune, and as a lawyer working in Mumbai. A lump in her breast leads to the possibility that Maya might have cancer. Before her examining doctor Punit (Soham Majumdar) can confirm the results, Maya lies to everyone and says that she does and hence gains pity from everyone around her.

The lie prevents Maya’s boss Zaina (Gul Panag) from firing her and checkmates Maya’s colleague Sahil (Vaibhav Raj Gupta), who absolutely loathes her. An on-off relationship with Prithvi (Zain Khan) becomes more on than off. A parallel career as a social media influencer is on the horizon. Maya’s parents (Rajendra Sethi and Sheeba Chadha), from whom she has parted ways, also start coming around. Good Bad Girl is based on a concept by Vikas Bahl. He along with Chaitally Parmar are the showrunners. The show is directed by Abhishek Sen Gupta and written by Tahira Nath and Nikhil Arora. 

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Let's have a look at all the good and bad reviews from the Janta!

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