Sahara desert dust turns European skies orange

Chitrangana Jain
New Update

Southern Europe turned orange as areas were covered with dust and sand brought by winds from the Sahara desert.

There has been a dynamic pattern establishing across Europe this week, with a persistent upper-level High over the Arctic region and northern Europe. One of these systems has deepened across southwestern Europe this weekend and turned the jet stream into south-southwesterly directions. This means the flow comes directly from the Saharan desert and it normally raises the potential to receive Saharan Dust particles across the European continent due to which the sky turned orange in parts of southern Europe as some areas were covered with sand and dust brought by strong winds from the Sahara desert in Africa.

While this is a common occurrence, meteorologists say the winds were stronger than usual - and brought more dust particles with them. The infiltration of desert grit even turned local snow sandy, the BBC said.

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