The Uttarakhand glacier burst on Sunday caused massive damages resulting in deaths and missing people.

Around 170 went missing and 7 people were killed on Sunday morning after a flash flood in Rishiganga river was caused due to the Uttarakhand glacier burst. The flood happened in Reni village of Chamoli in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal Himalayas. However, later in the day, the Union Government clarified that the danger of flooding has subsided in the lower areas.

Massive damages that were reminiscent of the 2013 Kedarnath tragedy were reported after the floods. A major portion of the Rishiganga small hydro project was also washed off due to the rise in the river water and there was partial damage to the 520 MW NTPC hydro project on the Dhauliganga river near Ranini. The Uttarakhand glacier burst and floods also impacted access to few villages after five bridges were affected. Most of the missing people are believed to be workers involved in the hydropower projects.

Various scientists are visiting the site to study the cause. An avalanche was reported 2 days before the flooding in the region and it is said that it might have triggered the glacial lake to burst. According to a report in the TOI, State Emergency Operation Centre said, 148 of the missing people were in the NPTC hydropower site and 22 were at the Vishnugad project.

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Environmentalists think it’s a human-made disaster calling it a result of climate change.

People shared their concerns and prayer with those affected. Some of the cricketers and celebrities have also come up to give their support while the operations are being carried out.

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